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Oh, the pressureSunday, June 27, 2010
As our last endeavor of the weekend, Katherine and I drove out to our local Home Depot to acquire the pressure treated lumber that we will need to build the posts, beams, and joists. Here's Katherine with our two carts of wood:

Fortunately, we were able to rent the Home Depot truck - especially as we only live ten minutes from the store so we can get it back within the 75-minute time window.

And here we are, all unloaded onto the sidewalk.

Now, how are we going to get it around to the back yard? This stuff is big, and heavy (for perspective, each of the eight-foot-long 6x6s weigh close to 90 pounds!) Well, perhaps we can use the new handtruck?

This ended up as more of a comedy than an effective means of moving the wood. It was so long that negotiating the corners was no easy task, and navigating our way through the thick vegetation in the back alley was less than trivial. But now it's all neatly stacked under a tarp in the backyard, awaiting the next installment of the deck-building saga.

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