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To hang a ledgerFriday, June 25, 2010
Here we see the back wall of the house, above the basement door and below the rear door from the kitchen. Most of the wall is a double layer of bricks, while the section above the basement door is a solid wood beam.

It is to this stretch of wall that we must attach the ledger, which will support the width of the deck.

And here we see a fine specimen of two-by-eight pressure-treated pine - all fourteen feet of it that came home in the U-Haul truck last week.

To hang the ledger, I purchased a box of 5/8-inch diameter by 6-inch long masonry sleeve anchors, along with a massive carbide-tipped masonry drill bit.

The result of this endeavor was a bit of a menagerie, with four sturdy masonry anchors, three lag bolts (into the solid wood beam above the basement door), and two threaded rods that go clear through the wall and have nuts on both ends. After a bead of caulk around the top and sides, I think we're ready to build a deck!

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