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An aborted desk and a new cameraSunday, June 10, 2007
After dropping Katherine off at the light rail station (she's on her way to a conference in the Netherlands), I began the drive up to Philadelphia. We've been looking for a new desk for quite some time, and a few weeks ago we found a customizable "work table" on the Pottery Barn website that looks quite nice. It's meant for two people to be able to work facing each other, and it would fit quite nicely in the front room on the second floor. While I'd already called to the store to learn that they would need to order in the table top, I stopped at the Christiana Mall in Delaware (no sales tax!) to see the rest of the set. It seemed nice, so I went ahead and order the set that we wanted, with the plan to pick it up when we drive through with the truck in a couple weeks. Only once everything was done did we find out that the table top was on backorder! So, I've now returned everything, and we'll need to see about other options :-)

As I was leaving the mall I realized that I left the spare camera at the apartment in Baltimore (Katherine will have the D70 in Europe, so we should be looking forward to some beautiful pictures of the Netherlands!). I decided to stop in the Ritz camera store and found the tiny new Nikon S50 on sale... we'll see how well it performs over the next few days!

After stocking up on groceries and supplies at the Costco next to the mall, I drove the (now rather-full) car up to Philadelphia...

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