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A new doorSaturday, June 12, 2010
Act 1, Scene 1
Location: the basement
KJK: "While we're at it, we should replace the basement door."
Me: "Yeah, that would be nice. Should be easy enough."

Act 1, Scene 2
Location: the basement
Me: "Humm. The old door is only 72 inches tall. They don't make doors that short. It's also 5 inches shorter than I am. Could we lower it by removing that concrete?"

Act 1, Scene 3
Location: the basement
Me: "Yep."

Act 2, Scene 1
Location: Oregon Avenue Home Depot
Me: "I've been searching online for a good replacement door... harder to find than I thought it would be."
KJK: "How about this one?"
me: "Ooh. It's got a window."
KJK: "Let's buy it."

Act 3, Scene 1
Location: the basement
Me: "Look, forms for pouring a new concrete door sill. I hope I know what I'm doing."

Act 3, Scene 2
Location: the basement
Me: "Here goes. And hey, if it fails, I already know that I'm really good at demolishing concrete."

Act 3, Scene 3
Location: the basement at daybreak
Me: "Wow. Seems to have worked."

Act 4, Scene 1
Location: the basement, again
Me: "Uh oh. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. There are no studs behind the old door frame. But we're committed to doing this now."

Act 4, Scene 2
Location: the basement, at nightfall
Me: "I can't believe I forgot to take any photographs of that. We just spent 3 hours installing a door during a torrential downpour. And it's very close to plumb - probably one of the few plumb things in our house."
KJK: "Yeah. But look, we did it!"

Act 4, Scene 3
Location: the basement, at last
Schlage instructions: "Top tab faces door edge."
Me: "What?"
KJK: "Like this."

Act 5, Scene 1
Location: where else? the basement, of course
Great Stuff Expanding Foam: "Fill cracks to 50%"
me: "That's interesting..."
10 minutes go by
me: "Oh. I see why. What a mess!"

Act 6, Scene 1
Yep. Down in the basement
me: "Oh how I love to apply this Quikwall!"

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