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Nails are not for tiresFriday, June 11, 2010
It has been a week since my last big concrete-hauling exercise. Yet there were a couple more tons of broken up concrete and brick left in the back yard, plus about half of the deck wood (all of the good stuff when to someone on craigslist). Okay, time to rent another U-Haul...

Then it's off to Delaware Valley Recycling, again.

The receipt showed 1200 pounds of wood, and 4540 pounds of concrete and brick. Not bad. With the load cleared out, I decided to use the truck to go pick up some of the big things from Home Depot, including a 16-foot pressure-treated 2x8 that we will attach to the house as the deck ledger, as well as the concrete forms for the deck footings. Then I drove over to Cava Building Supply on Washington Avenue to pick up some concrete block and a "few" bags of concrete. All was going smoothly, until they set the 3400-pound pallet of concrete in the back, and the truck listed to the right a lot more than expected! Turns out, I picked up a nail somewhere along the way - okay, likely at DVR, but who's counting?

I called U-Haul's roadside service, explained the situation, and then I waited. For almost two hours. Almost 45 minutes after Cava closed for the day, a man in a Wingfoot truck showed up with new tires...

Thank you Wingfoot man! Now I loaded the 42 eighty-pound bags of concrete into the truck, hurriedly drove them home, unloaded them onto the sidewalk in front of the house (along with 5 bags of mortar, 30 8x8x16 concrete blocks, 2 concrete lintels, and the 2x8 ledger), and returned the truck.

Now, to cart these around to the back yard. For reference, here's a screen shot from Google maps. That blue marker is our house, and that red line is the shortest path from front to rear. That's 240 feet. Which sometimes feels a LOT longer.

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