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Hauling ConreteThursday, June 03, 2010
Six tons of concrete. One garden-variety True Temper wheelbarrow. One standard 14-foot U-Haul truck. Eight hours. One (now very tired) person...

The day started off with three nice big piles of concrete (one is hidden near the back of the yard). At 8:00 a.m. I picked up a 14-foot U-Haul truck - with the highest payload capacity of every truck rental I could find (without needing a commercial drivers license). Then it was the first of 36 trips of loading the wheelbarrow with a few hundred pounds of chunks, walking it around the house, crossing the street, and unloading the wheelbarrow piece by heavy piece into the truck. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this was not the most fun part of the experience.

It took about two hours to fill the truck up to what I guessed was it's capacity (one could tell by looking at the height of the rear bumper that I definitely wasn't moving a sofa). Then it was off to Delaware Valley Recycling where I paid $40 per load to dump the concrete, with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that it would some day end up as the loose fill under a future highway. Or perhaps the warm fuzzy feeling was the onset of heat exhaustion - I'm still not quite sure.

After two trips to the recycler, it was time to return the trusty U-Haul, and all that's left are six massive blocks that were way too heavy to lift into the wheelbarrow, and a bunch of little stuff. I'll use the small chunks as fill around the new basement stairs, but the big blocks are going to need to be broken up and taken away, along with all of the old decking, which never quite made it onto the truck this time. Ah, more to come!

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