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Tons of brick (two tons, actually)Saturday, May 01, 2010
Now that the semester is winding down, I've started work on one of our sumer goals, which is to completely redo the back yard. Going back through the blog, I found this image from shortly after we moved in (June, 2007)

Having not done much in the past few years, it is now quite a jungle back there. We've decided to remove all of the bricks and concrete, tear out the existing deck, and start over from scratch. Step 1. Figure out what to do with the bricks. I found a person on craigslist who wants to buy them for $0.30 each, and he's got a truck to haul them away, so I'm going to stack them up somewhere useful. I told him I think we have about 800 bricks. Now... Step 2. Remove the bricks, scrape off the dirt, and stack them by the back gate.

Three hours later, I am one sore brick digger/mover! But here they are.

All 797 of them. Estimating five pounds per brick, that stack weighs a touch under two tons!

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