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Back in the basementSaturday, November 28, 2009
On our left side we have an empty wall and a lonely saw. One the right, we have a bunch of IKEA boxes. What will happen when the two meet?

Okay, it's time to build some cabinets!

The floor is far from level, but fortunately these cabinets come with adjustable legs. It was quite a challenge to figure out how to get them underneath the back of the cabinets, but with enough 2x4s and some shims, they're in.

And now, to make some countertops... in comes the ever-handy cordless circular saw!

Now, this project had two primary goals. The first was to improve storage in the basement. The second was to provide a nice table for the circular saw, complete with a long fence. We can see the later taking shape in the next few shots:

The countertop is 3/4" MDF covered with a thin sheet of HDF, just like the workbench I built a few months ago. Now, I need to replace that yellow sawhorse with some real legs. I sure could use somewhere to plan this out... oh, here we go...

And now, we build it!

With the legs in place, the next step is mounting the fence for the saw. For this I chose an 8-foot long section of 80-20 aluminum extrusion, which is super straight and will work great when I want to set up a stop for the saw. I bought a pack of nuts that fit in the slots, and a bunch of long bolts to come up through the cabinets and into the nuts. After quite a bit of time making sure I could get everything straight, we run into an interesting problem - how to get the nuts lines up with the holes? Fortunately, this is the basement, and there are lots of things around, including some old scent diffuser sticks which are nice and flexible. Here goes!

Amazingly, this worked better than I'd even hoped. After assembling all of the drawers and running a dedicated electric line for the saw, this project is complete!

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