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My first workbenchSunday, June 07, 2009
While waiting for the floor patching compound in the front part of the basement to set, I decided to get started on the first built-in workbench along the back wall. The plan here is to have a relatively shallow bench, with pegboard on the wall above for random tools and a shelf below for bigger tools. I'd gone through a number of design iterations, settling on a rather simple 2x4, dowel, and lag-bolt assembly method, to be topped first with a layer of 3/4-inch medium-density fiberboard, then a replaceable layer of 1/8" smooth, high-density fiberboard. I'd been collecting the materials for this project over the past few trips to the hardware store, and with the necessary MDF and HDF, two full-length 4x4s, eight 2x4s, a bag of 5-1/2-inch-long lag bolts, and a bunch of 3/4-inch dowel rod, I figure I was all set. I started with the dowel-reinforced butt joints to hold the cross pieces to the 4x4 legs - with a decent amount of glue and a lot of pounding with the mallet, I don't think these will be coming out any time soon!

Then it was time to attach this to the wall with the lag bolts from the back side...

Adding in a few braces in the center, and moving on to the right side...

Then, a bit like magic, it's done (well, almost)!

I haven't screwed down the top or cut the HDF yet, but I'm already rather surprised by how sturdy and level it is! I found I had to bevel the bottom of each of the 4x4s to match the rather uneven floor, and was sure that I wouldn't be able to get them to sit flush at all, but it turned out remarkably solid. Oh, and speaking of those bevels, this new toy (a Milwaukee 6955-20 sliding compound miter saw), which was acquired just a couple weeks ago, made this little project SO much easier! Now, where am I going to build the workbench upon which this will live happily ever after?

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