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Under the porchFriday, May 29, 2009
Back in December, when it was starting to get colder, we purchased two rolls of fiberglass insulation to install in the very front of the basement under the porch. We'd noticed that it was often quite cold up there, and figured a few dollars worth of insulation would save quite a lot on our heating costs over the course of the winter. I set these aside, figuring I'd get them installed as soon as the floor in the main part of the basement was finished and I'd be able to move everything out of the front. So, now it's the end of May, temperatures are pushing the mid-80s, and as I'm moving the tools and such out of the front part of the basement I discover these two rolls of insulation that are decidedly not installed yet!

Installation was actually quite easily, and now all we have to do is wait until next winter to enjoy all the benefits!

But then... now that we've got the space cleared out and the insulation up, we might as well paint the walls... and patch and paint the floor... and install some lighting... and maybe even replace the glass brick with authentic-looking windows... oh, what fun to come!

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