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Going greenSunday, May 24, 2009
A few months ago our next-door neighbors decided that they were going to get their house repainted, and asked if wanted to do the same. Truth be told, our house had a MUCH greater need for repainting than theirs - anyone who happened to see the paint peeling off the dining room bay window (which, by the way, our neighbors were treated to every time that sat down to eat) would attest to this. So, we began talking to the paint crew that our neighbors had hired, and they agreed to include any necessary woodwork along with the painting, which I knew was going to be substantial. So, next we spent quite a while deliberating on colors, finally settling on a green-based theme with red highlights - Sherwin Williams "Oakmoss", "Majolica Green", and "Roycroft Copper Red". They set to work about a month-and-a-half ago, complete with a fair amount of singing (in Portuguese no less!)

and while it would normally take about two weeks, it seems to be raining here every few days, which has slowed their progress significantly. Here we see Katie on our half-finished porch

and this shows the final color scheme on the finished second-floor bay window

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