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How many cars is our basement?Thursday, May 21, 2009
Where, oh where did the months go?! Anyway, with the semester finally finished, and the girls here already, it's time to get the basement done, so we can get back to the multitude of other projects around the house! Okay, so here goes! Sweep. Sponge with water. Scrub with TSP. Sponge with water. Let dry. Sponge with water. Scrub with bonding agent. Sponge with water. Let dry. Oh, yeah, and get a nice back massage!

Now, with the floor the cleanest it's probably been since the day after it was poured, we're ready for painting! But... this is fancy, 2-part epoxy paint, and it's made for garages, so it comes in quantities of CARS. Excellent. But how many cars is our basement? After a bit of digging around online, I discovered that the square footage of the basement lies somewhere between 1 and 2 cars. Good to know, in case we ever wanted to replace the front garden with a car ramp... Anyhow, this stuff comes in two cans that need to be mixed and activated, after which point the instructions say you have a maximum of 2.5 hours to lay the paint... oh, yeah, and it comes with color flakes that you can shake on as you go (not going to be doing that!)... the pressure's on now!

Fortunately, I remembered to start at the far end of the basement! Well, I actually started by doing the edging on the whole floor then rolled a square, brushed in the seams, then moved on to the next square. It went fairly quickly - the whole process (2 cans of paint) took 3.5 hours. Oh, and based upon how much paint we had left over, it looks like we have a 1.6 car basement - though I'm sure we could get two full ones in if we ever needed to.

Oh, and the side-by-side floor comparison... not bad!

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