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Under the StairsSunday, January 25, 2009
While I had been waiting for the QuikWall to dry, I decided to replace the shelving under the stairs - it's not like I have a history of starting on a new project in the middle of another, right? Anyhow, the first (and easiest) step was to take down the old shelves and throw up a coat of primer, and things are already looking a lot nicer!

Instead of simply replacing the shelves, we decided to go a with a deeper counter where we could fold laundry and such. After some debate about countertop materials, we found a perfectly-sized solid-beech tabletop at IKEA (It's a Vika Byske - even though we're there every few months, I'm still no good at the IKEA game!). Anyhow, here's the new counter...

The next step was to add a shelf above the counter. Knowing that we could always find a good use for the leftover beech, we purchased another Vika Byske table and cut it down to size

To use the backside of the stairs for support, I remembered that we had quite a few left over wooden dowels from various IKEA assembly tasks... After playing for a bit to find a good drill size, I bored two holes into the end of the shelf, and voila, hidden support, coming right up!

And here's the comparison of old and new...

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