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The (Temporary) DeWalt ShrineThursday, January 22, 2009
One of the few times I'll ever wish we had a smaller basement! (and the other times will certainly be coming in the next few weeks as well) Over the past two weeks we've patched, sanded, patched, primed, and painted nearly all the walls in the main part of the basement...

First off, we decided that we're basically going to leave well-enough alone for all the party walls, so that leaves just one more section to do the full patch job on - this one:

Fortunately, it's small, and only took two bags of QuikWall

Then it was on to patching the big holes on the other walls. This used up the last 1.5 bags of QuikWall, taking the total to 8 bags, or 400+ pounds of mortar!

Given that we're not going to smooth out the party walls, we've decided to spray - oh yeah, more paint dust everywhere! Anyhow, this does make it go amazingly quickly. Here's the comparison between the patched and primed:

Okay, now this is where things get a bit, well, yellow. I'd thought (and now I know better!) that a darker color would hide the bumpiness of the walls that I wasn't going to smooth coat. We spent some time looking through our Benjamin Moore paint book and found a nice yellow called "Semolina" that we thought would look good. After quite an ordeal trying to get the right match at Home Depot, I was quite surprised to say that we nearly hit the DeWalt yellow right on the button, though this was certainly not the intention!

Anyhow, after spraying the entire wall, I stood back and realized that I couldn't stop staring at the big yellow wall. Yes, our basement would forever be known as the one with the big DeWalt shrine. I was also a bit afraid that I could lose some tools if they got too close. Okay then, time to keep spraying - this time with Semi-Gloss Ultra Pure White all around. Ah, now that's better.

And now, the walls are done! Next?

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