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Lots (and lots) of primerFriday, January 02, 2009
Wood. noun. 1. the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub. 2. a paint sponge.

On our first trip to Home Depot, we purchased a 2-gallon bucket of primer, which, when combined with the remnants we had from other projects, we figured would probably be enough to cover the basement ceiling and walls. Well, not exactly - the ceiling alone ended up taking a bit over 7 gallons! Anyhow, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...

With dust mask and safety glasses firmly in place, I started by scrubbing down all the joists with a wire brush to remove the flaky paint and who-knows-how-many-years of dust, dirt, etc. By the end (well, actually by about the second joist) I was extremely grateful for Katherine's decision to purchase a back massager for Christmas - and I'm truly grateful that we've only got one basement full of joists! As I went along, I also spent time removing old hardware, tidying up cables, and running the lines for the new lights - if for no other reason, these diversions gave my neck a chance to remember what it?s like to look down every once in a while :-)

In the process of preparing the joists, I'd taken down all the existing light fixtures. Since it was now rather dark in the basement, we decided to go ahead and paint the ceiling before trying to rehab the walls. Ah - time to get out the trusty paint gun!

Looking back to the experience last year when I painted the rear of the basement, Katherine went around painting oil-based primer over all the exposed copper pipes (quite a lot, even when we put foam insulation on all the hot-water runs), thereby avoiding the beautiful-but-not-quite-desired statue-of-libery effect.

I started spraying the wood. After the first gallon, we realized we didn't have near enough primer, so we took another trip to Home Depot and bought a second 2-gallon bucket, figuring a total of 5 gallons should do the trick. Wishful thinking that was. A few hours later, I was back, this time for a 5-gallon bucket to make sure we had enough.

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