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Fishing for wires, and another water crisisSunday, June 03, 2007
With a long list of things that we'd like to do before heading back to Baltimore tonight, we started the day off by tackling the back of the basement. We'd avoided this area last weekend as it was probably the dirtiest area of the house.

We removed the grey cabinets, and things are looking much better. The current plan is to turn this area into a nice pantry, especially once we move the laundry up to the second floor.

After assembling the new grill that we bought last weekend, we grilled the sausages from the farmer's market. Eating these with some red wine from the wedding made for a great lunch break!

As we've been sleeping in the third-floor front room that we plan to use as a guest room, we'd noticed that it was awkward to have only one switch by the door controlling both the fan and light. To remedy this, we decided to install a double switch by the door so that they could both be controlled without needing to reach for the pull cords handing from the fan. With the attic directly above this room, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to run another electrical wire from the switch to the fan. I'd noticed when looking through he attic before that access holes had already been cut in the floor above both the switch and fan locations.

However, the joists run perpendicular to the path between the two, so we needed to fish the new cable under the attic floor for about 10 feet, then along the wall and back again to get to the fan. With Katherine using a flashlight and mirror at the wall and me pushing and twisting the wire from the hole, we managed to get the job done, but we learned that this is not a task to be taken lightly! Anyhow, the final product works beautifully, as we can now independently switch the light and fan from the doorway!

After the rewiring project took a bit more time than expected, it was time to pack up the car and head back to Baltimore. But not before a torrential rain storm came through (we were told that it was a remnant of tropical storm Barry), and we noticed some water starting to puddle at the front basement (small water crisis #2). The source was directly beneath where the electric company recently did some repairs to the service line, so I'm going to be calling PECO later this week to see if they will come out to take care of this. In the meantime, I build a small contraption from random hardware that we took from the second floor closet to try to divert as much of the water into a bucket as possible.

Before we left, we emptied about 1.5 gallons from the bucket, and we're just hoping that the rain stops sometime soon!

Overall, this was another great weekend in Philadelphia, and we just can't wait to be able to live here full time!

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