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The radiator saga continues...Sunday, November 09, 2008
With winter fast approaching, we're going to need to turn on the boiler pretty soon. While I could put caps on the radiator inlet and outlet pipes in the girls' room so that I could have more time to refinish the radiator, I would much rather reach the end of this (not so) little project!

Working toward this goal, the first task is removing the rest of the paint from the harder-to-reach areas on the radiator. After more attempts with the bead blaster, including some new aluminum oxide grit which didn't really do much better than the glass bead, I am beginning to consider alternative methods... how about that good old paint stripper? After checking to make sure it was okay to use on metals, I tried a coat of the Citristrip on one end...

Problem is, this paint is extremely thick! After about eight hours the stripper hadn't really gotten anywhere. So, what else? How about heat? Tried that. The huge thermal mass of the radiator sure didn't help - even with the heat gun at the highest setting I don't know if the paint ever got near hot enough. So, it's back to scraping, which, after all these other attempts, actually works well enough (even if it is more physically exhausting!). In about an hour I was able to clean out three of the fins, which means it should only take another three hours to clean up the rest! Oh, and I think it will go much better once I sharpen my putty knife!

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