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This should be easy, right?Monday, October 06, 2008
After all the wood stripping, how hard could it be to strip down and refinish the cast-iron radiator from the girls' room? The goal of this project is to end with a polished finish, which has a gorgeous pewter-like finish. The original plan was to find a shop somewhere around here that could sandblast and refinish it for us, but after some searching, well, we decided to try it ourselves (this is DIY learning experience, right?). So, I cleared out the girls' room, and here's the radiator at the start of the process:

You can see that a lot of paint had already been flaking off, so I figured it wouldn't take too much to remove the rest (yeah, I know - there's a reason I'm writing this a month later - it's still not done!). At first, this was a rather easy task. Looking at what came off and what remained, it seemed that someone had applied a layer of gold metallic paint directly to the cast iron, then there had been many layers of thick white paint over top of that. The gold paint layer wasn't very strong, so the paint came off in big chips, leaving only a thin film of the gold paint in places. Well, and other areas that, for some magical reason, decided to stay fully attached to the radiator! After a couple hours, I'd removed most of the easy stuff:

And what we see is that this really is going to be gorgeous when (if?) it gets finished!

But what to do about the stubborn areas? Humm... fortunately winter shouldn't arrive for a couple more months, so we're not in a huge rush, right?

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