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Early AmericanThursday, June 12, 2008
Though it was truly a good feeling to get the painting done yesterday, we've still got a lot left to do before the girls' room could be called finished. This includes: staining and sealing all the in-place trim; stripping, staining, sealing, and reinstalling all of the trim that is the basement; sanding down, repairing, and refinishing the floor; strip and refinish the doors; and repairing/remaking the rear window sill. Oh, and we need to have the radiator refinished! Wow, that's still a lot of work! Ah, but this is the story of DIY home renovation!

We bought some "Early American" wood stain last weekend at Lowe's, and it seems to be a near-perfect match for the shade that the wood was before we stripped it. With a few extra hours this afternoon, I thought I'd check to see how easy it was going to be to stain the in-place trim.

As it looked really good, and it went fairly quickly, I decided to do the whole room...

With the staining all finished, it seemed like a good time to finish off the electrical work by connecting the switch for the ceiling fan/light...

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