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We just couldn't stay awaySaturday, June 02, 2007
While the plan had been to spend this month in Baltimore, we just couldn't stay away that long! Last night after dinner we weren't coming up with much to do this weekend, so we decided to drive up to the house to get some more cleaning and repairs done. We arrived around midnight to find parking a bit scarce, but not too bad. It sure felt good to be back in our new house!

Today started off with a general cleanup of the front porch and small yard area, including a scrubbing of the front cut-glass window. Then we had the opportunity to visit more with our neighbors as they invited us over to their deck for breakfast and a tour of their house. We noticed some interesting differences between our two adjoining homes, and we got some inspiration for some projects of our own (including crown moulding in the front room downstairs and the possibility of building a mantle for the fireplace).

We spent some time cleaning up the back yard, then walked over to the farmer's market in Clark park where we bought a pack of homemade sausages which we plan to cook up on our new grill before we leave.

The afternoon held another trip over to our favorite Lowe's store to stock up on some more supplies, including the materials necessary to create a temporary work area in the basement to sort tools and supplies.

Someday I hope to put together a real workshop, but for now it's great to at least have a table so that we aren't digging through boxes looking for different tools! In the evening we decided to rewire the light switch for the front room. The way it was set up, the chandelier was controlled by both a dimmer switch by the front door and a three-way push button switch in the hallway on the second floor. Unfortunately, the dimmer switch could not function as a three-way switch, so whenever the upstairs switch was turned off, it was impossible to turn the light on from the switch by the front door! We'd also noticed that the dimmer switch was getting warm to the touch, so we removed it and replaced it with a new three-way switch, and now everything works as advertised. We also replaced the nondescript bare-bulb sconce in the foyer with a nice stainless steel one from Lowe's.

Earlier in the day Katherine had assembled the new medicine cabinet for the second-floor bath, and we spent some time before bed patching and painting the wall to be able to mount the cabinet tomorrow. Considering the number of different colors in this house, it sure is nice that they left us all the paint in the basement!

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