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A new toy (oops! - I mean tool)Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Last week I saw a new tool called the Fein Multimaster on Amazon, and decided to get one. It operates by vibrating a small arbor back and forth by about two degees at very high speeds, and can take a wide range of attachments.

The first task where this has come in very handy was using the flush-cut blade to remove the metal pipe stub from the old gas-light on the back wall of the girls' room. I'd tried just pushing it back into the wall, but it's anchored very solidly, so rather than tear the wall open, I figure it would be easier to just cut the pipe down to a bit less than the wall surface, then patch it in.

A little later on, I tried the scraper attachment to clean up some of the edges where we'd been stripping paint. I'd originally planned to just leave the inner surface of the doorway painted, but some stripper had slopped over when we were doing the moulding, so I thought I'd just scrape off the outer layers that had been permeated by the stripping compound. Little did I know it would be so easy to take it all off!

Well, I'd say it looks better like this anyway!

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