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All About TrimSunday, May 25, 2008
Moving forward on the stripping project, I began peeling the other window sill, only to discover that the original sills had a quarter round on the top and a bead on the bottom, not the double round like the damaged one from the back window! Oh well, looks like my router bit collection will be growing one of these days. :-)

One of the most satisfying peeling moments came on the moulding under the side window sill, when nearly the entire thing was detached - if only the whole room was this way!

Moving back to the stripping, the back window is getting closer, while the side window and closet door frames are pretty much ready for the next step...

I also took some time to sand down all the spackle on the ceiling and walls, so those are ready for the second coat of primer. So that I can prime all the way to the wood, I think I'll wait to do this until after the rest of the wood is stripped... I start teaching again on Wednesday, so things are going to be a bit more sporadic, but I hope to be able to get this project finished over the next two weekends. Okay, I know what you're thinking - sure, he'll get a lot of it done, but there will be those little things that sit in the basement for the next six months - well, humm, well, I hope not!

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