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What 100 Year Old Oak Is Supposed to Look LikeSaturday, May 24, 2008
I knew it was hiding under there, and wow it's satisfying to finally see it! While I was hoping that the overnight soak would help the stripper get through the stubborn spots, I'm coming to realize that past a certain point, more time doesn't seem to help that much, but applying a second coat sure did! The photo on the left is after the first coat, the one on the right is after the second.

What I've found to work best is to scrape it down with a dull razor blade (sharp ones just try to dig into the wood, but when they're sufficiently dull they work really well), then go over it with a scotch brite pad to get into all the nooks and crannies... oh, and yes, this is a messy job!

But I'd argue that the results are worth it!

As this is a rather slow process, I have had plenty of time to think, and I've developed quite a list of things to buy...

so I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day to get outside for a while and take a trip to Lowe's - perhaps the most fun part of these projects!

One of the primary reasons for the trip was to get more primer for a second coat on the ceiling and back wall, so upon returning I decided to take some time to patch up any holes or cracks that remained... yes, there were quite a few :-)

Then it was back to stripping... fortunately this is coming along rather well, though I would never say it's either fast or easy!

I did a little test to see how well the stripper works when applied directly to the outer white paint (not expecting much here), and well, it did a great job of pulling off perhaps three layers, but the other ten or twenty remained... so, there's still a bit of peeling to be done before I can finish all the stripping...

While I really like the amount of light they bring into the room, did they really need to put two windows in here? And why the doors? Couldn't they have done without them? At least the closet? Oh well... :-)

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