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The Kitchen (and our first small water crisis)Tuesday, May 29, 2007
We spent the morning in meetings at Penn, then after lunch spent the afternoon cleaning the kitchen. We removed the bars from the back window, effecting what might possibly be the best improvement in the home thus far. I had to use the reciprocating saw to cut through the bars because the attachment bolts were tamper proof.

Then we had our first minor crisis just as we were finishing up. I was down in the basement moving boxes around, and I heard dripping water. Looking around, I saw that water was rapidly falling from the basement ceiling right below the powder room sink on the first floor, where Katherine was washing her hands. We'd noticed yesterday that the pedestal sink wasn't anchored to the wall very securely and could move quite a bit, but thought nothing of it at the time. Now we pulled out the pedestal (which wasn't even bolted to the floor), and found that the drain pipe coming down from the sink was not seated into the trap pipe! As a result, most of the water was going straight down to the floor! Unfortunately the plastic threads seemed to be stripped, so we'll need to get some parts and fix this the next time we are up there.

Over the course of the weekend we found a tennis ball, several bobby pins, three beads, and a thoroughly large number of dust bunnies in the radiators, as well as 96 cents which we consider to be a small rebate on the price of the home. Overall, we had a wonderful weekend cleaning up the house and getting ready for the big move next month. More to come...

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