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The ceiing... on the floor?Tuesday, May 20, 2008
It's been a good shoulder workout, but I've finally managed to strip all the old paint and Calcimine from the ceiling, and now it's all over the floor...

With that out of the way, I decided to take some time and do the thing that started this whole project. What was that, you ask? Oh yes, of course - the ceiling fan! After spending some quality time with the keyhole saw, here's what we've got

With this in place, I started playing with copper...

Now... that's a lot of loose ends... what goes where? Well, the supply is the one coming in from the left, then the one on the far right is going off to the outlets, so those are straightforward. Then the top 3-conductor goes down to the switch, and the middle on the right goes to the fan. Those are 3-conductor so that we can control the light and the switch separately, like we have in the front room. After carefully examining how I wired the switch, I hooked everything up...

And that's that. Once the new outlets are in and the fan is hung, I'll connect the supply line into circuit 8 (in that junction box above the bathroom), and be done.

Gosh, It's amazing how quickly I can write about stuff that took me hours to do!

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