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Heat no moreSaturday, May 17, 2008
With the coming of Spring (well, okay, so it came a while ago, but we've been busy!), it's a perfect time to drain the radiators in preparation of temporarily removing the one from the girls' room. At first I thought I'd need to do this with buckets (yeah, a LOT of buckets), but fortunately there's a hose bib at the outlet of the boiler, and our garden hose is long enough to reach the basement sink!

After opening the valve at the hose bib, we had to progressively open the bleeder valves on all the radiators, starting at the top of the house and working our way down to keep from pulling a significant vacuum. After about half an hour the water stopped running, and it was time to tackle the radiator in the girls' room...

which actually came loose fairly easily, though I'm going to need to buy a bigger Crescent wrench one of these days!

With the radiator fully disconnected, it was time to move it... wow, it's definitely solid cast iron - that thing is heavy! We would really like to take it out and get it refinished, but I'm going to need to recruit some friends to help get it down the stairs first!

And now we can properly paint behind the radiator... and we can take care of the floor back there - apparently it was painted red at some point, then they stripped most of the room, but didn't bother getting under/around this little area...

Well, I guess it's an even trade since we won't need to strip the paint from most of that wall (since it was never painted in the first place!) :-)

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