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Scraping and scraping (and scraping some more)Saturday, March 01, 2008
What a difference having the right tool makes! We stopped by the new Lowe's at 50th and Lancaster Ave. this afternoon and picked up a few more paint stripping tools, including the wonderful object shown below

It has a slanted head and takes replaceable blades - a good thing, since scraping plaster has a tendency to dull just about everything! As a result of this new acquisition the back wall of the room is just about finished (the small patches of brown are areas where the wall had been patched at some point in the past, and unlike the Calcimine, that stuff sticks really well).

Taking the new tool down to the basement, I was able scrape off the upper layers of paint from the door without much effort, except when it came to the hardware! The photo below shows the door knob plate on the inside of the door after I'd dug out the bottom two screws - believe it or not, there are two more screws at the other end!

and now it's on to stripping the yellow bottom layer of paint... and it's starting to look more like a wood door!

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