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The start of another ceiling fan installation?Sunday, February 24, 2008
Yes, it's happening again. It's time to add another ceiling fan - this time to the girls' room. In contrast to when we redid our bedroom in September, we know that this one is going to be a lot bigger than just the fan. For starters, there isn't an existing ceiling light to start with, so we're going to need to run new wiring. We've also known for some time that the paint needed to be redone, and we've been wanting to try to strip the paint off at least part of the door (the top section is actually quite beautiful textured glass - something we realized when we were at a neighbor's house a few months ago). Depending on time/money/patience/etc. we may go as far as getting the radiator refurbished and refinishing the floor.

Given that the girls won't be here for at least a couple more months, we began by moving all of their things into the guest room at the front of the house.

With the room empty, I started investigating some of the paint and trim, and noticed that some of the window moulding had some sections where the paint looked a bit detached. Pulling on it, I was surprised to see the original wood finish underneath - this may hold interesting potential...

Picking off one of the fun sub-projects, I took the door off it's hinges and carried it down to the basement (wow, these old doors are heavy - I'm accustomed to the modern hollow-core interior doors!). Using some rather mild stripping compound, we set to work trying to remove the paint from the glass panel. Below is the result of about an hour's worth of work. While it's time-intensive, I think the result is going to be very nice indeed.

In the right-hand photo above you can see the detail on the back side of the door - we're more than just a bit skeptical as to how well the stripper is going to work on that! You can also see the 6+ layers of paint (including some rather interesting colors!).

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