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Is that really brass under there?Thursday, January 03, 2008
Okay, I feel a bit guilty on this one. Back when we painted our bedroom (yes, that entry is back on Sept 1st) we removed the knobs from all the doors with the intention of polishing them up and putting them back. Well, they're still in the basement (we've just stopped closing the doors to the bedroom, or when we do accidentally do so, we take the one remaining knob from one of the closets and use it to get out).

So, with a bit of spare time on our hands, I thought it would be a good time to do some polishing. You can see in the photo on the left that they started out with quite a lot of paint, tarnish, and who-knows-what on them, and with a bit of steel wool, some Brasso, and a generous amount of rubbing, they're becoming rather beautiful.

For some reason I'd also pulled off the hardware from the door between the bedroom and the closet when we were painting. Wondering how the plate might look without the twenty-odd layers of paint, I opened up the bottle of Motsenblocker Lift Off and went to work. A couple of hours (and ten or so coats) later, the plate was essentially paint free - and, surprise, surprise, not brass!

As a final task, I spent some time trying to flatten out the face plate on the lock set, and in the process became rather intrigued by the internal workings of the 90+ year old hardware...

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