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Jet lag keeping us up? Why not move the pantry?Wednesday, January 02, 2008
After returning from a wonderful two-week vacation visiting the respective parts of our wonderful family in Utah, Los Angeles, and Lake Tahoe, we returned home yesterday morning (yes, we took a red-eye on New Years!) and slept away most of the day. Compounding this with the jet lag, we were walking around the basement around 9:30 p.m. wondering what we could do... well, why not move the pantry? Below is an image taken a few months ago of the temporary "pantry" area (on the left wall) in the main part of the basement.

Well, this was only meant as a temporary location until we leveled the floor in the back; however, that little project doesn't seem to be on the near horizon, so we decided to pull out the pack of shims and see how well we could level out the shelves on our own. After unloading all the food, wine, paper towels, etc., we took the shelves into the back and...

we're going to need a lot of shims! After a few hours we'd assembled the extra corner shelves that we'd bought a while ago and made some permanent risers out of some 1x2 boards...

Now we've got lots of extra space for that next trip to Costco!

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