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Memorial Day (and more cleaning!)Monday, May 28, 2007
As we need to head back to Baltimore tomorrow, we wanted to try to finish cleaning the house today. While working on the second floor, we removed all of the metal shelving from the middle room. As the shelves were installed with Molly bolts, it now looks like someone went through there with a machine gun. The plan for that room is to make it our closet and laundry area, and I'd guess that we'll probably just put up new drywall before we install the cabinets.

We ate lunch on the back deck, and we spent a few minutes talking with our new neighbors in 4217, Libby and Murray. They've lived their since the early 70's, and they seem genuinely excited to have us here :-)

After lunch we moved our work to the ground floor, where we installed a new toilet paper holder and towel ring in the powder room and cleaned up the front room. With the help of generous amounts of soft scrub, Katherine discovered that the tiles in the entry way are actually white, not tan (the photo below is from our first tour of the house... we'll need to put a current photo next to it to see the difference!)

We will also need to make or get something to go above the fireplace, as the previous mirror that was there was being rented, and there are now two rows of large holes where it was mounted.

Around 8:30 p.m. we drove back out to the Lowe's on Columbus to return a few items and do some more shopping. On the way home we realized how badly we need to get a good map of the area, when we ended up "detouring" through the arrivals section of the Philadelphia airport, making what should have been a ten minute drive take somewhere around forty minutes. Needless to say, we've ordered a good map book from Amazon already...

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