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An Early Christmas PresentWednesday, December 05, 2007
One of the first major upgrades that we knew we wanted to make was to replace the refrigerator that came with the house - and what better excuse than an early Christmas present to ourselves! We are planning to renovate the entire kitchen in the summer, so the goal here was to find something that would work well regardless of how we decide to lay out the new kitchen.

With a list of ideas in hand, we spent one afternoon last weekend walking around Gerhard's appliances out in Glenside, and found exactly what we were looking for in the GE Monogram ZFSB25DTSS. While we were tempted by the French-door, bottom freezer models, we opted instead for a side-by-side unit (which is important for the ice cream lovers out there). We were very excited when they said they would be able to deliver it on Wednesday!

As the new fridge is considerably taller than the old one, we had to remove the lone cabinet (which we didn't really use anyway).

Around noon the delivery men showed up and after I hurriedly emptied all the food they hauled away the old fridge... bye-bye... and brought in the new fridge... HELLO!...

We'd previously decided that we wanted what they call a "counter-depth" model which is a bit shallower than normal - and a good thing too, as it was a rather tight squeeze to get into the kitchen from the dining room! They even had to take off the door handles - hadn't thought of that one when we were picking the size!

One of the things that we've really been looking forward to about this new toy is the water dispenser in the door. While we'll do something more permanent when we do the remodel next summer, for now we picked up a saddle-valve kit for $10 from Home Depot, and now it's busy making the first batch of ice.

And then, just for our special early Christmas, there was our first snow of winter out in the back yard!

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