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Going (Jamestown) BlueSaturday, September 01, 2007
Of course we'd planned to paint the bedroom one of the evenings this week, but with classes starting up on the 5th, we've been working pretty hard these days. Now that we're already to another weekend, we decided that it was time to get this "ceiling fan installation" project finished up!

One of the things that we've quickly learned is how difficult it can be to create a good, clean paint edge between two uneven surfaces. We've found this task to be especially difficult in the joint between the walls and ceiling. Not only is it just plain tiring, but with plaster walls and a plaster ceiling, nothing is straight or flat for more than a few inches. In the end we settled on a combination of tape and patience, and while it's not perfect, I'd say it's better than it was before!

Oh - and the price of the house continues to go down... as we were preparing the baseboards the other day, Katherine chanced upon a rather old penny - from 1920! :-)

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