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And Finally... A Fan is Hung!Sunday, August 26, 2007
We started the day with a coat of primer over the ceiling in the back alcove where we'd pulled down everything last night. Then after a short break we got out the Eggshell Swiss Coffee paint, the roller, and a brush, and took to painting the ceiling.

Overall, the room looks remarkably different now, especially as the primer appears as almost a pale blue in comparison to the off-white trim...

After all the priming and painting that we've done so far, we decided to let the painting muscles rest for a while (we'll probably finish the walls over the next few days).

At this point we realized that we had completed everything we needed to install the new ceiling fan! Below is the mount on the ceiling, with the (almost) invisible patch from where the old light was mounted...

We got out the box and started assembling the new fan...

Which is now installed and operational!

Our list of to-do's for the bedroom still includes painting the walls, patching the corbel, repairing the wall and baseboard in the corner, and painting the baseboard moulding (we're going to hold off on painting the window frames for now, as we hope to replace the windows before too long, and we just don't feel like tackling the door now either :-).

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