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Primer = Paint Stripper? Who KnewSaturday, August 25, 2007
With the walls and ceiling fully spackled and sanded, we began preparing for a coat of primer. As we were wiping down the walls, we decided to go ahead and prepare the baseboards for repainting as well. This led to pulling off all the electrical outlets for replacement as well (yes, the analogy to the mouse and cookie definitely continues :-).

Then we noticed that the back side of the one of the decorative corbels could use some repair...

Which we've decided could safely be put off until later without impacting the success of the ceiling fan! With everything else prepared, we moved the bed and dresser to one side and started priming the ceiling and walls...

For the most part, this went really well. It took two coats to get good coverage over the dark brown, and there was only one area on the walls that started bubbling up. After the first coat of primer dried, we scraped the bubbled area, and it just kept growing and growing, finally ending in something about the size of a legal sheet of paper!

Then we noticed a small crack in the fresh ceiling paint in the alcove in the back. Thinking that this would result in a similar (though hopefully smaller) open area than the one on the wall, we took the scraper to this region as well. As you can see, we were mistaken! It seems that the new coat of primer did double-duty as a surprisingly powerful paint stripper!

In the end we decided to just pull off the entire rear ceiling section, which proved to be a rather simple task - except for the areas where we'd recently patched, which were firmly attached!

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