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Back to the DoorbellSunday, August 12, 2007
You may recall that a few weeks ago I undertook the task of rewiring the doorbell, only to have that project put on hold when I couldn't get the new wires up to the existing doorbell location above the basement stairs. Well, as this small project was starting to ferment on my to-do list, I decided to either cut a fairly large hole in the wall or figure out a different solution. Standing in the kitchen staring at my predicament, I turned around to see the telephone jack on the wall. I traced that wire down to the bundle of telephone wires in the basement.

I made the decision to replace the telephone jack (which we'd already decided not to use) with the doorbell and simply use the telephone wires for the doorbell. Connecting in the new wires which I ran from the doorbell was quite simple, and now it actually works!

To complete the project, it was now time to install the new doorbell which we'd purchased a few weeks ago. Removing the old one...

I discovered that the reason for the extra wood plate was to cover the rather large hole from some other, long-forgotten doorbell. I replace the wood plate with a few layers of wood putty to fill in the sides, then mounted the new doorbell.

Unfortunately, they didn't leave any exterior paint with the house... looks like we'll have to repaint the whole house now!

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