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Sprucing up the OfficeSunday, August 05, 2007
With Karalyn here for the weekend, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to put her to work! (No, really, she actually volunteered, I promise!). While Katherine and I worked on hanging curtain rods across the bay window in the office, Karalyn grabbed a putty knife and a paintbrush and took aim at the many holes in the walls, including a fairly large area of old water damage under one of the windows.

Meanwhile, Katherine and I set up a bit of a sweat shop in the bedroom to hem and press all the curtains. We also chose to sew down the tabs tops to give a more formal look.

While we found the task of getting six different curtains to hang to the same height in a house that is far from level or square to be a bit of a challenge, we are quite happy with the result!

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