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More CleaningSunday, May 27, 2007
We started the morning off by finishing the clean up of the front basement, leaving only the laundry area in the back untouched. Generating somewhere around seven gallons of debris, most of which was removed by our trusty DeWalt portable vacuum cleaner, the basement is certainly a lot cleaner now!

After a quick lunch break, we focused our attention on the third floor, moving from room to room removing unnecessary hardware, cleaning, and writing down all the things that we might like to change over time. We discovered that all four outlets in the back bedroom are controlled by the switch by the door, so we'll need to update that someday. I spent an hour tracking down why the lights in the fan didn't work in the front bedroom, and we removed the carpet from the attic stair. We removed at least four telephone jacks which we think were installed when the house was being rented out during the modem days. Though we must say that we are a bit puzzled by the old, paint-covered jack above the toilet paper holder (not to worry, we will soon be replacing that as well) in the third floor bath - it seems that they really liked their telephone service! Katherine spent quite a while cleaning that bathroom, making it by far the cleanest place in the house right now.

After dinner we spent a few hours cleaning the dining room and unpacking all of our china and stemware, which significantly decreased the number of full boxes and gave us something to eat off for the rest of our time here!

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