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The Back AlleyFriday, July 13, 2007
As one of the big attractions to living so close to campus is being able to bike to work, we've been trying to find a convenient place to store our bikes. We didn't want to clutter up the porch, and we knew that we didn't want to bring them inside, so that left the back yard. While not exactly convenient, we're only three houses from the end, so it's not that far around. However, the alleyway behind the house, a section of which is shown below, posed a bit of an obstacle.

While talking with our neighbor, Libby, the other night, she mentioned that the entire alleyway is cement, and that she cleans her section every Spring. After a mere hour of shoveling and sweeping, I couldn't believe the difference! There's even a drain back there!

To make things even easier, we're thinking of someday building a small bike & gardening shed near the back of the yard. It's amazing how the list of things to do keeps getting longer with each thing we check off!
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