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Brown ThumbsSaturday, July 07, 2007
One of the things that the girls have been very excited to help out with while they are here is gardening. While landscaping the back yard could be a massive project, we figured that we could safely start with the front yard without too much headache or expense. Having no idea what the soil around here was like, we started with a soil test. This showed that while the pH was fairly neutral, the nitrogen reading was barely even on the bottom of the scale (thus explaining the relative lack of weeds in this area).

For some reason, the girls were particularly excited about digging holes, though the number of rocks in the soil made it rather difficult to get very far. Per Taylor's request, we planted a red rose bush in the middle, flanked by a pair of yellow daisies. Then we ran a border of impatiens (though the kids continue to call them "patients") next to the walkway and across the front.

This area has filtered sunlight and a lot of shade, so hopefully this will all work out! Sometime we'll pick up some nice ground cover to fill in the middle, but we figure we should wait until the leak is fixed before doing too much more to the middle or left sides. Now, what to do with the back yard?

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