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That Leak in the BasementSaturday, July 07, 2007
Last week I managed to convince PECO to come inspect the leak in the basement near the entrance of the electrical line. The first man who came out agreed that it was definitely a problem, then a couple guys came out and put a heavy dose of spray foam in there as a temporary patch. Then on Sunday evening around 8:00 p.m. we were surprised to hear the sound of a jackhammer outside. Peering out the window, we saw that they were opening up a hole in the sidewalk to inspect the line coming to the house. At the time I asked why they weren't focusing closer to the house, and they said that they needed to check to make sure water wasn't getting in where the service joined to the main (which would then run down the conduit).

To nobody's surprise, that wasn't the problem. I tried to explain that it was coming in right by the house, but they didn't seem so interested in that.

As we were planning to do some gardening in the front of the house today, I figured this would be as good a time as any to do some investigating. Digging down to where the line enter the house (through a new plastic conduit which is inside the old wooden conduit), I think I may have discovered the problem. It looks like the old wooden conduit is actually rotted away right near where it enters the house, thus providing an easy path for water to enter. I figure this is still PECO's responsibility, so I'll be calling them back sometime this coming week. However, the larger problem is where all the water is coming from. For the answer to this, we turn to the gutter drain.

Peering down the hole, I can see that it's completely plugged over with silt. During one of the last storms we'd noticed that water seemed to be overflowing from this drain, and that would explain how we're getting so much water right next to the house (as well as what likely rotted the wood of the electrical conduit, which probably caused the problems that required the temporary line which was in place when we first toured the house). Now it looks like we'll also be calling a plumber to have this drain cleared out!

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