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The Closet is (Almost) Finished!Saturday, June 30, 2007
When we were shopping for the closet last week, we didn't know exactly where everything was going to go, so we just bought a lot of pieces and figured we'd bring back what we didn't need. As anyone who's put together a lot of IKEA furniture can attest to, their system is actually rather remarkable. Things (usually) fit together well, the instructions are amazingly clear, and the fasteners are often quite ingenious (whomever invented the small cam-locks is hopefully quite wealthy by now).

With the exception of one drawer front which we need to return to the store because it was a bit damaged, we got it all assembled!

The left-most cabinet is shallow and is full of racks for our shoes. The second cabinet (with the mirror front) has a clothes rod at the top, a jewelry deck in the middle, and drawers in the bottom. The third cabinet is a double-wide unit with a clothes rod at the top, a pull-out organizer in the middle, and two deep drawers at the bottom (one of which is still missing as we need to return to the store to get a new one).

The corner unit has a clothes rod at the top and a pull-out pants organizer on the bottom, as well as some bins in the middle. IKEA also makes a closet rod that will extend into the open space on the right, giving space for some longer garments as well (sold-out when we were there the first time). The final cabinet on the right has a mirror door and will have two clothes rods and a pull-out organizer in the middle (we still need to buy the bottom rod).

As you can see, we've already moved most of our clothes into the new closet, and there's room to spare! We also picked up a wool rug and an ivory leather ottoman (yes, from IKEA :-).
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