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Plumb? Square? No way!Friday, June 29, 2007
With the walls now the right color, it was now time to begin installing the closets. After carrying the hundreds of pounds of flat-packed boxes upstairs, we began with the six frame sections which will cover the left and rear walls.

As we decided to leave the baseboard moulding along those walls, we needed to add some 2x4s and shims behind the top of the cabinet frames to give them something to anchor to.

As the room has no switch for lighting, we're planning to mount a series of small upward-facing spot lights on the top of the frames, controlled by a dimmer switch mounted to the side of the cabinet by the bedroom door. Fortunately we remembered to install the extension cord for this before installing the corner cabinets!

While progress was slow (and we've had our first real experience with how fun it is to work in a house where no two elements meet at a ninety-degree angle), we were able to get all the frames joined together and anchored to the walls. The propagation of errors from the far right cabinet to the far left cabinet was rather shocking, but we managed to even things out to the point that the faces all meet up and the drawers should come out fairly flat. Hopefully we'll be able to get the interiors and doors installed tomorrow so that we can move all of our clothes out of the wardrobe boxes!

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