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Which white?Wednesday, June 27, 2007
As anticipated, it's time to get the middle room on the second floor turned into a closet. While we also have plans to install a laundry area up here, we decided to hold off on that for a little while. Concentrating our efforts on the two walls that will be used for the closet, our first task was to address the remains of the old shelves that we removed a few weeks ago (cue that wonderful can of spackle :-)!

We've also decided that we want to completely repaint the ceiling and walls, as the orange ceiling just doesn't do it for us.

Starting with a coat of primer over the entire ceiling and some spots on the walls, we got some extra help from Taylor, who's very excited to get involved in some of our projects!

For a top coat we'd chosen to keep everything a simple white, so we bought a gallon of Ultra Pure White in eggshell and another in hi-gloss for the trim.

While we noticed that it was quite a bit lighter than the trim, it was only after we put on the entire first coat and stepped out of the room that we realized that it's much too cold compared to the white used in most of the house. Oops! Well, this is how we learn :-) As we'd planned to second-coat the room anyway and had run out of eggshell, Jonathan and Taylor went off to Home Depot in search of a warmer white that would match the trim color a bit better :-) After some indecision, they walked away with a few gallons of Swiss Coffee (they must use an insane amount of cream in Switzerland to get their coffee this color!), which has a much warmer hue and matches the existing trim significantly better. Before dinner we rolled a new coat over the entire room, then after the girls were in bed we put a coat on the baseboard behind where the closets are going to be.

Around 10:00 p.m., a relatively large thunderstorm came through, bringing some much needed cooling to the house as well as gallons more water pouring through the leak in the front of the basement (note to self - must get that fixed!). Somehow the girls both slept right through all the lightening and thunder, though we heard quite a few of the neighbors' kids waking up. Interestingly, it seems that the deluge may have actually opened up the pipes a bit, as after the first few minutes we noticed that the basement sink wasn't backing up any more. We may have gotten quite lucky here, but I'm not going to count on that just yet! By the time the majority of the storm had passed, we'd emptied the bucket from the corner a total of five times, for something like 20 gallons of water. At one point it was coming in at a rate of about a gallon a minute!

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