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Day 45: How to Access Wall-Mount Faucet ValvesMonday, December 03, 2012
Sometimes you find that you need to take a step (or two) backwards to get to the end, and today was no exception! When installing the trim for the wall-mount vanity faucets, Mike and I realized that the stems provided with the standard valves (which were safely embedded behind a layer of backsplash mosaic tile) were not rated for the offset weight of the handles that we were installing and that it would be very likely that the water would just turn on all by itself. Testing confirmed this. Danger! Danger! Fortunately, the manufacturer knew about this, and they shipped "high-torque" stems with the trim kits, along with a note saying that they should be switched out for the standard stems. No problem, right? Well it turns out that it was impossible to replace said stems when they were buried inside the wall. Oops. Wish someone has seen that note about a month ago! Anyhow... Here we are, with a new "feature" in the office wall that backs up against the vanity:

This increased level of access, while a bit unsightly for the moment, provided Mike with ample room to swap out the stems! And here we are with beautiful the handle trim fully installed:

Then the next trouble arose as we discovered that we were missing a vital coupling piece that joins the spout to the valve body. As a custom part that is specific to the spouts, it wasn't something we could run acquire with a quick trip to Home Depot. After searching all of the hardware boxes a few times, I called the manufacturer and they are shipping us a pair of "item 164-1, Quick Conn Assm". So for now, we have the ability to control water flow, but the outlet is buried in the wall. This is just slightly scary, so Mike made signs to remind us (and Toby) not to turn on the water:

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