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The grand tourSunday, June 17, 2007
As I realized that you might not have a complete picture of how the house is laid out, I thought I'd take this final day up here to do a little walking tour. This also gave me a good excuse to wipe everything down (the paint spraying in the basement left a good layer of dust as far away as the second floor!). For overall perspective, the home is 15 feet wide at the front, then about a third of the way back it kicks in to 12 feet wide, with windows on the right side. The entire left wall is shared, and the front 1/3 on the right side is shared. While it varies from floor to floor, the length of the basement is 61 feet.

This is a photo of the front taken in January when we did our first tour of the house.

Now we're up in the attic, looking forward out the dormer, and back to the partition wall that was built at the point where the right wall comes away from our neighbors.

Then it's down the stairs, which run from front to back along the left wall (the second photo, though not the greatest, is looking back up the stairs)

Now on the third floor, which is shorter than the other floors and consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom in the middle. The front bedroom, painted in green (and with the ceiling fan that we rewired two weeks ago) is what we plan to use as a guest room.

The floors here are all pine, and they're actually in relatively good shape compared to some of the other areas. Now into the hallway (from the front bedroom, then looking back from the back bedroom). The stairs up to the attic are behind the door on the left, with the stairs down to the second floor traveling beneath them.

The bathroom, which was where I hung the new hardware a few days ago, is located between the two bedrooms, across from the stairs.

We are planning to set the rear bedroom up for the girls. One of the big projects here will be adding a ceiling light and rewiring the outlets so that they are no longer all controlled by the switch (bizarre!). If you walk out the window shown in the left photo, you end up on the roof above the back bedroom on the second floor. Looking along the row of houses, we've noticed that a number of neighbors have installed decks up here and turned the window into a door. From this height you can actually see some of the skyscrapers downtown, and the inspector said that it would probably be a great place to watch the fireworks on the 4th!

Then it's down the stairs to the second floor, where we'll start in the front room. We plan to use this space as an office/entertainment room. There's a large bay window at the front, and a fireplace on the left wall.

We're going to put some type of insert in the fireplace (it's been completely bricked in, so whatever we do it won't be a regular working fireplace). There's a ceiling fan in this room that only works when you are actually holding the pullcord down - I still haven't figured out exactly what must be going on in there. Out the doorway of the front room, we see where the stairs go up to the second floor.

There is a bathroom opposite the stairs, where we see our first of four cut-glass windows in the house.

Past the bathroom, the hallway takes a jogs to the left past the stairs, and to the right there is a small (rather odd-shaped) room which we will be converting into a closet/laundry area. This is the room that currently looks like someone took a machine gun to the walls (from removing the molly bolts which were holding up the old shelving system).

This room connects into the back room, which we intend to use as our bedroom.

It has some nice architectural details and old-fashioned glass doorknobs which we really like.

Coming out the door on the right (the other one leads into the closet room), there is an extra stairway here that leads down into the kitchen (i.e. - servant's stairs from long ago).

Then it's down the stairs to the ground floor...

The front room and dining room on the ground floor have beautiful (though in need of a new coat of varnish) oak floors with an inlaid edge detail that we really like.

In the corner is another cut-glass window, and under the stairs is the coat closet which was recently renovated into a small powder room (and to which I was finally able to add the mirror which was on back-order at Lowe's!)

There is a small foyer at the front with a beautiful cut-glass window on the inside door and wonderful paneling on the walls.

Poking our heads outside, we see the front yard and porch, then an interesting view back inside.

Moving back inside, we find a large wood sliding door separating the living and dining rooms.

Then the dining room has a large bay window on the right side, and a white built-in hutch in the corner.

Passing through the doorway into the kitchen, we pass by the stairs that lead down to the basement, then we're into the kitchen.

? In the front-right corner of the kitchen is the bottom of the servant's stairs.

Over the sink is a window looking out the porch and back yard

To complete the picture of the house, we head down the stairs to the basement (somewhere that we've been spending quite a lot of time lately!)

The stairs deposit you into the rear room (where I've removed the old ceiling), which currently contains the laundry. There is a door here that leads out under the porch into the backyard.

In the front of the basement is the area that will serve as a shop area and deep storage.

Finally making our way out the back door, we see the yard, which I'm hoping the girls will help me spruce up this summer :-)

We've been told that the fence was installed a few years ago when the resident's girlfriend had a dog. Apparently the girlfriend (and dog) left shortly after it was finished, but the fence remains. Although the neighbors aren't so happy about the "stockade" feel, we're hoping to get as much ivy to grow over it as we can.

So, that's the house.

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