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Day 42: Custom-Custom CabinetsThursday, November 22, 2012
Our original design for the bathroom included an cabinet under the bench in the shower, and we wanted it to be nice and deep for storing lots of towels and such. Here was Toby atop the bench on the day the mosaic tile was set:

The trouble is, we ordered that cabinet along with all the rest, and we picked the depth (a whopping 24 inches) based upon some a bunch of measurements, as well as a handful of approximations. Once the studs were in place (which was about two weeks after the cabinets were ordered), we came to realize that the cabinet we'd ordered was a bit too deep. But nothing that we shouldn't be able to fix in the basement! Here's a test fit:

Fortunately, I was able to trim down one of the wall studs to get it in about another four inches, meaning that I only had to trim 5 inches from the back of the cabinet. But here's the finished product!

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