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Gone to the birdsSaturday, June 16, 2007
With the basement project essentially complete (for now), I turned back to my original list to see the top item still sitting there - clean the attic. While the majority of the attic was already relatively clean, it appeared that the dormer at the front had played host to numerous birds over the years. The seams near the roof had been sealed with expanding foam at some point in the past, and it was clear that the birds had been gone for some time. However, they obviously didn't take the time to remove the evidence.

I scooped out four buckets of debris, including a number of egg shells and one unbroken egg (which I very carefully discarded).

Opposite the dormer is a recently built wall, the purpose of which we are still attempting to ascertain.

Peering through the cracks, I can see that there is quite a lot more attic back there, however the furthest back sections don't look like they have any flooring. Someday I may look into opening this up to make more storage room, but at least for now I know that we've already got more than enough space.

Moving outside, I cleared up all the weeds growing up in the patio, and swept out the area under the deck so that we can try using that for bike storage. It won't be ideal, but it should be better than having them on the front porch.

The remainder of today was spent doing a number of smaller jobs and starting to clean in preparation for the big move next Saturday!

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