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Day 24: Let There Be Light!Saturday, September 22, 2012
Four Lutron dimmer switches, some MR16 halogen bulbs, and a bunch of wire nuts later, we now have six lights in the bathroom! What you see here are the three recessed lights in the shower area (on the left) and the main ambient light in the center:

The shower lights are on a dimmer switch located on the column (the other wiring here is for the control panel for the in-floor radiant heat):

Then on the other side, we have the recessed spotlights that will be illuminating the bowls of the vanity sinks:

And we were so excited to finally have light switches INSIDE the bathroom (the old one was outside, which could be a bit awkward at times), that now we have a total of four! This set by the door controls the overhead ambient light, the sink spotlights, and banks of Xenon lights that should really brighten up the vanity area:

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