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Ceiling-be-doneFriday, June 15, 2007
I'd say that the ceiling in the rear section of the basement now has enough paint to withstand just about anything! After brushing a coat of oil-based primer on the supply and drain lines for the kitchen sink (to lock away the statue-of-libery effect), I sprayed a final coat on all the joists and subfloor. As the tank of the sprayer was about half full when I finished the ceiling, I decided to put a quick coat on the stairway to the basement - comparing the photo below with the one from last night shows a pleasant improvement!

I'm surprised by how much dust the paint spraying process produces. And it seems to get absolutely everywhere! As the front of the basement was strewn with tools which now all needed to be wiped down, I decided to do a full clean up and organization of what was becoming quite a jumble (left = before, right = after).

I also decided to finally hang the pegboard using some leftover pipe hanger, and it's nice to have that off the floor. In my cleaning, I removed an old phone system cable that was running from the box on the partition wall up to what used to be another junction box near the radiator in the living room. Though I didn't count, I think it was 25-conductor. Amazingly, I think there are two more of these making their way up the house - this was a serious phone system!

The last step for finishing up the ceiling renovation in the back of the basement was to re-hang the light. As I'd decided to completely rewire the switch to eliminate the knob-and-tube wiring, I needed to bring in power from somewhere else. For this I'm glad that I'm working in the basement! Though not exactly by design, it's nice to be able to practice and improve my techniques in an area of the house that doesn't really matter as much. Then hopefully things will go smoother when we're doing big projects elsewhere in the house. Anyhow, there was a receptacle box on the left wall that I'd removed before painting and wasn't so excited to re-install. It was on a 20 amp circuit, and the only other thing on it was an empty light socket in the front of the basement and a duplex receptacle into which the alarm system is connected. So, I added a new junction box and ran the cable out to the light fixture, which is now back in working order!

As a final task for today, I thought I'd start assembling some of the Ikea 'Gorm' shelving that I picked up to turn the back of the basement into a pantry area. As can be seen in the photos below, we're going to need to do something about the floor! I was thinking that once we remove the washer and dryer, I would use some - make that quite a lot of floor leveling compound to even things out.

Oh, then there was the finishing of the switch at the top of the basement stairs!

And now it's time to move on to some of those tasks which got relegated to the back of the queue when I made the moth discovery a few days ago...

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